Touchdown Jesus (Big Butter Jesus) was Struck by Lightening: Oh the Irony

Have you ever wondered why certain events occur in life? Have you ever examined a situation that made certain individuals overwhelmed in sorrow but  made others contemplate the irony of the supposed devastating event? Were you ever the individual that was contemplating the multiple levels of irony that was involved in the scenario? I find myself in this situation quite frequently; Monday June 16, 2010 was no exception.

Shortly after coming home and beginning to relax after a long day of shopping I hopped onto the social networking website Facebook and began looking  through status updates when I noticed a status that stated “Touchdown Jesus is on fire”. (If you have never heard of “Touchdown Jesus” that also goes by the nickname “Big Butter Jesus” then you have never been driving on highway 75 in Ohio near the Monroe exit or heard the song  Big Butter Jesus by Heywood Banks.)

As soon as I read the update my wife and I put our shoes back on and headed out into the storm with my brother and his girlfriend for a short road trip to Monroe to see what all of the fuss was about. We first drove past “Touchdown Jesus” that was built by and is in front of the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio. All we could see was smoke and a metal frame of where “Touchdown Jesus” used to stand 63 feet tall coming out of a surrounding pond of water from 2004 until the statue was struck by lightening in a storm and burnt completely down.

We then went down Union Road and pulled up to look at what we could see in the distance along with several other cars of people who had to see this site for themselves. We watched in the distance and talked with others that were watching the event unfold. Some of the individuals were saddened by the burning down of the giant statue of Jesus, others wanted to see that it happened with their own eyes and others relished in the irony of the situation.

I was quoted in some of the local newspapers as saying the following statement:

“God struck God, I like the irony. Jesus struck Jesus,” said Dawn Smith, 25, of Hamilton, who was among those standing outside the vehicles along Union Road. “I had to see it. What else are you going to do on a Monday night?”

This may sound harsh, possibly offensive to some, but many people, myself included could see the irony of the situation on many different levels. Solid Rock Church who built the statue is a large church of around 4,000 members, they also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to build this statue. I can’t help but wonder what else this large sum of money could have been used for, possibly feeding the hungry? At least that would have been my first suggestion. I am not an overly “religious” individual, so I will not claim to be, however the Jesus that represents the religion of Christianity surely would rather see people not starving and have a roof over their head than a statue of him, at least that is my belief.

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Desires of Warm Weather and Body Suspensions

Sitting on my back patio the sun is glaring off of the screen of my laptop and warming my skin, there is a slight breeze in the air, birds are chirping and it seems as if they are declaring the spring is just right around the corner. This is the time of year in Ohio that the weather teases your senses with unseasonably warm temperatures. It is currently 66 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze here in Hamilton.

Directly behind me is a pool that is of course out of commission until Summer. It serves as a constant reminder that although it is not for a few more months, but nonetheless Summer will once again return allowing me to search through my closet to find my flip-flops, swimsuit and tank tops. I yearn for road trips with the windows rolled down, the music turned up, the trees and plants that will again come to life and flourish. Eating freshly grown tomatoes and sweet corn on the cob, having cook outs, splashing around in the pool and sitting outside in the warmth are activities I have waited to partake in again all winter long. All it took was a spike in the local temperature to bring those thoughts up again and to maximize my desire for summer to arrive.

Thoughts of summer also intensify my desire to suspend again when the warm weather arrives. For any of my readers who are unsure what a suspension is I will elaborate on the topic to explain. I am not an expert on body suspensions nor am I claiming to be, I am merely an individual that is interested in body suspensions and have personally suspended twice. 

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