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Running to Obtain Clarity

Running to Obtain Clarity

My goal was to add the finishing touches to my blog over the weekend, but that didn’t quite happen. I am hoping that I get the chance to work on it today. There has just been a lot going on in my life right now and I have shifted a great deal of my attention so I can focus on it.

I have also been continuing my running training. Concentrating on my running has also been allowing me to clear my head, gain a bit of clarity and just really remind myself that I am stronger than I think I am. I have friends that always say that running is cheaper than therapy and that running is their source of therapy, I totally get it now. When I run I can choose to focus completely on my run or I can choose to sort through my life and emotions in my mind. I usually do a little of both during my runs.

On Thursday I went on a run with the jogging stroller, Tyler actually stayed awake during our run, he was busy looking at the river and the geese. I discovered on that run -a little over half way through it- that the handle on the stroller is adjustable and I was able to lower it down to my level. I then immediately realized why my shoulders/chest and back had been hurting so much recently, then I felt like an idiot for not thinking of that before. I ran a 5K distance with him Thursday, I also ran on a path that is a bit more hilly than I am used to running.

On Sunday, Tiffany was home to stay with Tyler while I ventured out on a solo run, the first outside run I have been able to take alone in quite some time. I went to the same path that I ran on Thursday, I figured I need to get used to occasional hills if I want to run in any race that may be a bit hilly in the future. At first it was a bit odd to be by myself running, I quickly found myself zoned out and focusing on my run. I ran over three miles before I remembered that I had to run back to where I started to get to my car. I wasn’t ready to turn around, I wanted to keep running, but I knew that I would already have to run, or walk another three miles back to my car. So, I turned around and ran for another 2 miles. Those 2 miles were not as comfortable as the first 3, the first 3 miles I had been running with the wind, when I turned around I was running against strong winds for 2 miles! Then I realized that I had just ran 5 miles! I haven’t ran that distance since last year around this time! I was proud of myself. I probably could have ran that last last mile back to my car and made it 6 miles for my run, but remembering that I was already pushing it with my distance increase (this was my first run over 5k distance since I started running again), I decided it wasn’t worth the risk of overdoing it. So I reluctantly walked a mile back to my car. It was the smart decision to make.

Today my body can feel those extra miles I put into my run. I’m not feeling injured or hurting in any terrible way, but just slight muscle soreness. I will do some extra stretching today, I will see how I am feeling tomorrow, if my body feels up to it I will go on a short 1 or 2 mile easy run. But I am not going to push it, I am trying to listen to my body this time around.

Other than focusing on my running I have just been trying to enjoy the last little bit of fall that is left, before winter takes over (my least favorite season of the year). So on the days that allow I have been going to various parks with Tyler, he likes to play with the leaves, I enjoy watching him and just being outside (when it isn’t freezing out). There is something about  being outside in nature that is relaxing and really helps me sort through some of the clutter in my mind.

Do you find yourself running to obtain clarity? Or if you do not run, what helps you obtain clarity?

Deciding on a Running Training Program

Deciding on a Running Training Program

I have never really set a training plan for my running before, I think it is about time to do so. I really want to hold myself accountable, stick to a plan and stay consistent and see improvements. I have always just ran until I felt like I couldn’t anymore which isn’t the smartest way to do things, I need more structure. I need to set goals. I need to cross train, I need to get serious and do things right this time around.

So what I am I currently running? Where is my progress with that?

My longest run of the week is currently 3.1 miles and has been for two weeks now. I run that on Saturdays. September 29th I completed my 3.1 mi run in 42:46 and then a week later on October 6th I completed the 3.1 mi run in 39:38. I was proud of the time I shaved off in just one week. Other than my Saturday 3.1 mi runs I have been running 2 to 3 other days a week and run between 1 mi and 2.5 mi on those days. I have also been cross training using the elliptical and a bit of walking here and there.

As I have said over and over again I plan on running a 5k race on the 10th of November (the same one I ran last year). I am playing around with the idea of running a 5k race on a Saturday before then as well, but haven’t picked a race yet. I also would love, love, love to be ready to run a 10k on Thanksgiving Day, but I am not positive I will be ready, so I haven’t made up my mind on that yet.

I know by late Spring at the very least I would like to be able to run a half. But late Spring is quite a while away, so maybe I could train for a longer distance slowly. I have been looking around at different training program. I have been looking at the Hal Higdon training programs and I am not sure which training plan to follow. I need the structure of a plan, it is just picking the right one for me. I can’t decide if I want to use one of the half marathon training programs or if because I have so much time before I want to run that distance if I might as well use the novice supreme marathon training program, which is a 30 week plan. I am not positive I want to run a marathon in 30 weeks, but with the training being so long it may be feasible, but I am open to other distances, originally I wanted to train for a half for May of next year, but I have a lot of time to train.. I am still debating what program to pick and what distance and I am open to suggestions. Actually I would appreciate them.

What training program did you use for your last race? What training program do you recommend? Any suggestions for me?