Official Petition Against the 5 Pet Limit Ordinance is Now Circulating in Hamilton, Ohio

I am looking for individuals who are registered voters in the city of Hamilton, Ohio to sign a petition against the new 5 pet limit ordinance.

This petition is to enable voters in Hamilton, Ohio to have the chance to vote on the pet limit ordinance instead of it just becoming an ordinance without a vote from the residents in Hamilton. So, regardless if you are for or against the ordinance at least recognize that as residents of a city we have the right to vote on the issue!

We need as many signatures as possible and in a very short amount of time, so please contact me as soon as possible if you are able and willing to sign the petition, I can be emailed at:

Signers of the petition must be registered to vote in Hamilton, Ohio.

You can read more about my opinion of the new pet ordinance on my other blog entry here.

Also feel free to join the Facebook page here.