Tutorial: How to Enter Blog Giveaways and Contests

I remember when I entered my first blog giveaway, I was just a tad bit confused. I didn’t understand why I had to leave a separate comment for each task that was asked of me. It just didn’t make sense. But hey, I wanted to enter the giveaway, so I did exactly what it told me to do. Once I started having giveaways on my own blog, it all started making sense to me.

I have heard from a few readers that they feel like they are “spamming” my blog with their comments by posting more than one comment on the entry, I tell them that in this case to “spam” away, it is a good thing. With that said, real spam is bad, the “spam” in this context is exactly what the post is asking for, which is not spam at all, just separate entries into the giveaway. Having separate entries (each separate comment counts as one entry) makes it easier on the person that is hosting the giveaway, because then it is cut and dry on who the winner is. Many bloggers use Random.org (myself included) to pick the winner of the giveaway, so when it picks for example number 15, then the 15th comment wins the giveaway! Now if the person in comment number 14 had completed two tasks that should have been two different comments/entries and had put that info into one comment instead of two, she or he would be really bummed out to find out that if they had followed the instructions completely they would have won, but instead the person who really commented as the 15th would win! That is one of the reasons why it is SO important to read the instructions of the giveaway you want to enter before you guess or assume you need to enter in a certain way!

All blog giveaways and contests vary with their rules and their methods of entry. But many bloggers use a similar method, and I am going to highlight how to enter using that method (again, READ the how to enter section on each blog giveaway you enter)!

  1. Read the instructions/how to section on the actual blog entry. Since every giveaway can vary from blog to blog, I can not stress how important this is.
  2. Look to see if there are any mandatory entries, if so you MUST complete whatever those entries are and leave a comment for each of those to even be eligible to win the giveaway – so that is of utmost importance!
  3. Look to see what the optional entries are. Those are obviously optional, but completing those and commenting for each that you did will statistically improve your chances of winning the giveaway.
  4. Make sure you notice when and how the winner will be selected, and how the winner will be notified. You want to make sure that if you are lucky and win that you will be aware of how you will find this information out, some bloggers will email you, some only post on their blog, so this is an important one, especially since after a set amount of time that is usually disclosed on the blog an alternate winner is typically selected.
Like I said over and over again, blog giveaways vary. But most blogs that use their comment forums as their method of entries it is very similar to what I highlighted above.

A few additional helpful tips to keep in mind when entering blog giveaways:
  • Make sure you use a valid email address when commenting!
  • Don’t say you completed a task (entry) unless you really did, most bloggers will check to make sure that you really subscribed, tweeted, added or liked, etc!
  • Leave a separate comment for each entry!
  • Make sure you qualify to enter the giveaway! Some have residency requirements, age restrictions, some do not allow PO box addresses, etc!
Entering blog giveaways may seem foreign at first and may even seem like a lot of effort to some in the beginning. However, over time as you enter more giveaways it becomes second nature and really seems less complicated. The biggest thing I can recommend to make the process less confusing is to read the instructions and follow them to enter!
This tutorial is for most blogs that host giveaways using their comment forum for their readers to enter. Which is a very common practice!

But I will mention there is a new widget some bloggers are using called Rafflecopter and the tutorial for that would be a bit different, but lucky for you I am providing you with the link for the Rafflecopter how to video: just click HERE. Some bloggers can not use Rafflecopter because of where there blog is hosted or how it is set up, so it is important to be familiar with both forms of entering giveaways!