I Used to be Skinny (Part Eight): Switching Things Up

If this is the first time you have stumbled upon DawniesLife.com and you have not read my previous blog entries about my weight loss journey, you may want to catch up first by reading the previous entries, which can be found here or by clicking “I Used to be Skinny” on the top menu.

I weighed in today at 155.8 lbs! Which means I have lost 56.2 lbs on my journey so far! I have 30.8 lbs to lose before I reach my goal of 125 lbs. But I only have 14.8 lbs left to lose before I enter into the healthy BMI range! I am excited! Honestly, I was super excited to see 155 on the scale today! I can not remember the last time I was 155 lbs! All I know is it was when I was racing my way up the scale and it was about seven years ago or so. Crazy!

After getting over my last “plateau”, I thought I hit another one already. But I quickly realized that I just needed to switch things up. I was eating far too many processed foods and frozen meals. So I have switched things up and I am eating more vegetable and fruits and good for me foods! Between making some healthy changes to my food choices we have also had our treadmill for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it. I have found that I really utilize having a treadmill at home! I track all of my treadmill time on RunKeeper (which I highly recommend using)! I would really like to eventually add on with more equipment so we can have our own little “home gym”. That would be amazing!

BodyMedia Fit Armband

I also have one other new weight loss tool. I have been using it a little over a week now and it has really provided me with a great deal of insight on how many calories I actually burn a day versus how many calories I thought I was burning when I was just guessing. Being able to track my calorie intake vs my calorie burn has been eye opening and it actually motivates me to try to get more of a “burn” in each day! This little weight loss tool I am talking about is a BodyMedia Fit armband! If you have never thought about checking into one of these, or if you have but have been hesitant to purchase one, I have to say that I really can not recommend them enough. I love mine! I hope to buy a display for mine soon though so I can see my actual calorie burn more conveniently.

So I have found that switching things up by swapping out some food choices for more healthy ones, utilizing our new treadmill and by monitoring my calories in vs calories out through my new BodyMedia Fit armband the pounds are starting to come off again! I really think sometimes you just have to take a look at what you are currently doing and then see what you can change to help get yourself going again!

I know that I have a while before I get to my goal weight of 125lbs. Actually I have 30.8 more pounds to lose before I reach my goal. But I am actually starting to see how possible my goal is! I waited so many years to try to lose weight because I was afraid that it was just too much to take on at once, it felt overwhelming. But once you stick with it and track your progress it is much easier to stay motivated and keep going! With that said, if you are on your own weight loss journey, I really recommend taking progress pictures! I wish I had one from the very beginning of this journey when I was at 212, but I didn’t start the pictures until I hit 203! Even if you keep the pictures private and don’t share them with the world like I do it can be so helpful. On that note, it is time to post my progress pictures!

Shorts and Sports Bra Front View

Shorts and Sports Bra Side View

It is amazing how differently those red shorts fit me. When I started my journey they were so tight I hated to even put them on. Now they are ready to fall off of me! Sometimes those little things like how clothing fits is more rewarding that seeing a lower number on the scale! I also have bra and undies progress pictures to share this time as well! These pictures are kind of large so I reduced their size. Feel free to click on them to enlarge the pictures.

Full Front Body View

Full Side Body View

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