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Life, running, fitness, weight loss, recipes and healthy living!

Spring Mattresses: What To Look Out For

If you want a bouncy, romantic and a cool feeling in bed, you should definitely go for a spring mattress. Needless to say that with their widespread popularity, spring mattresses come in various qualities and warranty periods. Whether you go for an expensive one or a cheap one, there are always certain things to look out for when purchasing one. This is because certain spring mattresses are less durable and can wear off in no time, only to disappoint you and the money you put in. So here’s what’s important to look for during your purchase.

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Decide on the type:  The most popular spring mattresses are innerspring and pocketed coil mattresses.

  • Innerspring: Innerspring is known for its cheap prices and therefore is very popular. The high-quality innerspring mattresses are usually comfortable and responsive to sleeping positions at night. When you test these types of mattresses make sure you don’t feel the spring units pressing against your back. Such poor quality ones can lead to health problems and restless sleep.
  • Pocketed coil: These are much efficient since springs are individually encased in pockets which avoid coils contacting and end up tangling with each other. It’s proven to be more comfortable avoiding motion pressure. So, it’s recommended for people with back pains and spine problems. The concern regarding this type is the fabric and the quality. Make sure the mattresses have come off with a good finishing so that the borders won’t get ripped off easily.

Check it on your own: It’s perhaps the easiest way to purchase a good spring mattress. Take your time looking for options and when you feel like you have found a good one, experience it. Most outlets will let the consumers lean on mattresses and decide on their purchase. This is because you will know it better if you lie on it and check for its comfort. It shouldn’t be too firm or too soft. Check whether the springs are too bouncy or less bouncy for you. It is your call!

The type of coil: The coils used to assemble the spring mattress decide the durability of the whole mattress. This is because low-quality coils will sag in no time due to your body pressure causing the mattress to shrink very easily. So make sure to check on its durability.

The materials used: Remember to look out for the materials that are used to see if they make the mattress much easier to maintain and don’t wear off easily. Today, pillow top mattresses have caught most of the market since this adds extra comfort by reducing the firmness caused by the springs. So, if you are going to purchase one, remember to look out for its fabrics too.

Look for the warranty: As sophisticated most spring mattresses look, they are less durable. Usually, luxury mattresses are high priced with a longer warranty period where ordinary ones have less. So, it’s vital that you get a good warranty period for the money you spend on your spring mattress.

Don’t go cheap: If you are looking for the cheapest spring mattresses, chances are that you will end up buying another very soon. Therefore be cautious and cut back unnecessary disappointments.

Quality. Warranty. Price. They play a huge role when purchasing any product. Same goes with a mattress. Last but not the least, make sure to purchase it from a trusted store since they are usually the best at guiding you to make the best choice.

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