Life, running, fitness, weight loss, recipes and healthy living!

Life, running, fitness, weight loss, recipes and healthy living!

Purchasing a TENS Unit

Many times you may have undergone treatment with TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) unit for your severe back pain, shoulder pain or knee injuries. You know with TENS unit you can easily reduce the discomfort associated with recovery and pain. If you are searching to purchase TENS Unit at reasonable price then you must first try to search for the unit online. There are many online websites which give you reasonable discount on medical machines. Once, you purchase a TENS Unit, you can continue taking the benefits of electrotherapy at your own place only and make the therapeutic exercise less traumatic during the complete healing process.

  • After you purchase TENS unit just do the settings first by opening the outer case and accessing area under the battery. Set the “pulse width” value to 250 ranges, the “pulse rate” value to 120 ranges and lastly set the internal switch to “burst” mode. Close the case tightly afterwards.
  • Now, locate the points of body where you really need electrotherapy. Your Tens unit will treat the area generally so don’t be specific about the slightest of inches also. Make sure you dry and clean the area with antiseptic soap because it ensures longer life of the electrodes at work.
  • It is important to check your machine as soon as you purchase TENS unit so just remove the shield and apply the electrodes to cleaned affected area. Try to take help of someone else so that your cloth or hair doesn’t get stuck into the gel pad. Slowly smooth down the working pad after sometime and then repeat the same procedure with the other three pads as well.
  • Be careful while plugging in the wires into electrode pads. You must match one black and one red to each pair of electrodes and then plug in the L-shaped wire into the main Tens unit.
  • You can set the unit intensity according to your tolerance and use to for about 15 minutes to near about 2 hours after adjusting the top dials equally.
  • After you feel relaxed with the therapy, you can reverse the process. Lastly, remember to keep your electrode pads safely with the gel part upside down until you use it next.

Now, many of you want to purchase TENS unit at reasonable prices. But you must ensure that you buy the right product online at great prices. So for that you can peep into some trustworthy websites to purchase TENS unit at great prices. These websites are:

  • At this website you can select the Tens unit and purchase it at most affordable prizes. You can even sold your Tens unit here.
  • This website offers free replacement charts of electrodes. So, you can surely look out here before you purchase TENS unit elsewhere.
  • You can purchase TENS unit of latest design here and get free 5 year warranty of electrodes with it.

So, purchase TENS unit as soon as possible, just cure yourself and make your body pain free without even having the doctor prescription.

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