Life, running, fitness, weight loss, recipes and healthy living!

Life, running, fitness, weight loss, recipes and healthy living!

Kids Swing Sets for Fun and Exercise in the Backyard

Whatever happened to the kids swing sets for the backyard.

Kids swing sets are not very popular for children today. Most backyards you see when driving around the neighborhood do not have a swing set in the yard. This was one of the best form of exercise for children years ago. Plus it was fun playing on them with the neighborhood kids. Granted the children had to be careful when playing on or around them because of the swings. Your child could get hurt very easily if they don’t pay attention. But all in all it was great fun.

You can get kids swing sets in different types of material. Most are made of metal but you can get wooden ones also. There are vinyl swing sets also but they are mostly for the very young children. With the way children grow up so fast it may not be a good investment to get a vinyl one. But if you do they will have fun and learn at a young age how to play around a swing set without getting hurt.

The wooden ones are very nice and are usually more costly. There is more work that goes into the product and the cost of wood rising all the time makes it expensive. Also the upkeep on them can be time consuming depending on what part of the country you live. If you have good weather most of the time then the wood want take such a beating and will last longer. You may want to consider the type of weather you have in your area before purchasing kids swing sets made out of wood.

The metal kids swing sets will last for years and years. They are built out of quality steel and most are painted with durable paint that will last also. If the swing set is not painted that’s ok also. If it gets too rusting you can always paint it later. Most swing sets you see are made of steel because of the easy up keep and lasting quality. Plus you can get some good buys if you get one second hand from a yard sell. Even if you have to do some repairs the cost of doing them will not be too great. Normally its a matter of buying some chain or a seat for the child to sit on.

Also, kids swing sets come with many different types of play accessories attached to them. They come with slides and ring sets for hanging and swinging. Very good exercise for the children to build strong muscles and coordination at a early age. Learning cooperation at a early age will help them to get along with other children either at home or school. Sharing their swing set and letting the other children take turns will go along way with their development.

So getting kids swing sets can be a good thing for your children. They will have plenty of fun and it will get them outside for their exercise. Its better than staying in the house all day and watching tv or playing video games.

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