Life, running, fitness, weight loss, recipes and healthy living!

Life, running, fitness, weight loss, recipes and healthy living!

Deciding on a Running Training Program

I have never really set a training plan for my running before, I think it is about time to do so. I really want to hold myself accountable, stick to a plan and stay consistent and see improvements. I have always just ran until I felt like I couldn’t anymore which isn’t the smartest way to do things, I need more structure. I need to set goals. I need to cross train, I need to get serious and do things right this time around.

So what I am I currently running? Where is my progress with that?

My longest run of the week is currently 3.1 miles and has been for two weeks now. I run that on Saturdays. September 29th I completed my 3.1 mi run in 42:46 and then a week later on October 6th I completed the 3.1 mi run in 39:38. I was proud of the time I shaved off in just one week. Other than my Saturday 3.1 mi runs I have been running 2 to 3 other days a week and run between 1 mi and 2.5 mi on those days. I have also been cross training using the elliptical and a bit of walking here and there.

As I have said over and over again I plan on running a 5k race on the 10th of November (the same one I ran last year). I am playing around with the idea of running a 5k race on a Saturday before then as well, but haven’t picked a race yet. I also would love, love, love to be ready to run a 10k on Thanksgiving Day, but I am not positive I will be ready, so I haven’t made up my mind on that yet.

I know by late Spring at the very least I would like to be able to run a half. But late Spring is quite a while away, so maybe I could train for a longer distance slowly. I have been looking around at different training program. I have been looking at the Hal Higdon training programs and I am not sure which training plan to follow. I need the structure of a plan, it is just picking the right one for me. I can’t decide if I want to use one of the half marathon training programs or if because I have so much time before I want to run that distance if I might as well use the novice supreme marathon training program, which is a 30 week plan. I am not positive I want to run a marathon in 30 weeks, but with the training being so long it may be feasible, but I am open to other distances, originally I wanted to train for a half for May of next year, but I have a lot of time to train.. I am still debating what program to pick and what distance and I am open to suggestions. Actually I would appreciate them.

What training program did you use for your last race? What training program do you recommend? Any suggestions for me?

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