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Embroidery Machine – Quilting in the hoop

Embroidery Machine – Quilting in the hoop

The art of quilting has been around for ever. Whether it is a blanket or a wearable, quilting remains a favorite throughout the world. One of my pursuits in the machine embroidery world is to create designs for quilting in the hoop. The quest has been to complete the block, front and back, in the hoop, and then join together with other blocks via the sewing machine. I’ve tried a variety of ways which have been very successful so far….but there was always something in the back of my mind urging me to try even better.

One of the most easiest blocks to create is the Drunkard’s Path. This was one of the first curved piecing blocks that I learned in my earlier days of quilt learning. Thanks to a dear friend, Carolyn, for her suggestion, the block has a new name: Feathered Trails. Feathered Trails collection has taken a long time to be released. As the collection goes, it has been completed for a very long while, but the light bulb to achieve my quest didn’t materialize until just a month ago. The Island Sampler was my first attempt at trying to create quilt blocks completed in the hoop and joined together using the strip method on the sewing machine. It is a great way to quickly make quilts, but I had a “nag” in my head urging me to do even better. So, needless to say….I believe the quest is completed.

The method is so simple and easy that I was kicking myself in not thinking of it earlier. As quilts go, they are a combination of three components…top, batting and backing. The top and the batting can be easily joined together in the hoop while stitching out the design…it was the backing which always eluded me. If the backing is joined in the hoop, then the question is how to join two blocks together with the raw edges. To show what I mean, the completed block on the left looks complete with the piecing and the quilting. The block top is created directly on the embroidery machine, coupled with the batting and the backing is slipped underneath the hoop, right before the final quilting. The quarter inch seam all around allows for the block to be joined with others…and this is where the question comes in…how does one hide the raw 1/4″ seams?  The block has stippling and a feathered quilt motif, which is directly in the center. It is this feathered quilt motif which becomes the key in joining the front and back side of the block together. On the right is the picture of the back side of the block…which is minus the stippling.

Aha! Did the light bulb go on? If you look carefully at the picture of the front of the block, you will see that the feathered quilt motif is approximately 1/2″ away from the seam line. That is the answer to my quest! Okay, I see this puzzled look. Not to worry, I will explain. The quilt backing fabric for the block is slipped in after the stippling is completed, and the machine then stitches out the feathered quilt motif, leaving a 1/2″ space to the seam line. This 1/2″ is  helpful in stitching two blocks together without showing the raw edges.  The front sides of the blocks are joined leaving the backing free, which is folded onto itself and a stitch in the ditch, or a fancy stitch then joins the top and the back together!

Choosing Your Weed Wacker Straight Shaft or Curved

Choosing Your Weed Wacker Straight Shaft or Curved

When you’re choosing the best weed eater for your needs you’ll probably be considering whether an electric, cordless, gas or propane weed eater will do the job. There’s also the question of whether to get one with a straight shaft or a curved one.

The straight shaft weed eater is perhaps the more traditional model. Historically the larger, more expensive professional models are straight shaft. If you’ve always used a straight shaft weed wacker you might wonder what the curved ones are for.

The straight shaft weed eater is usually available with more accessories: like heavy-duty cutting blades and other attachments. Curved shaft weed eaters are shorter, and to be honest I’m not sure I’d want a hard steel blade doing several hundred rpm that close to me – even if it was available!

In fact the real difference is simply one of comfort. The two Hitachi 2 stroke weed eaters pictured above have exactly the same motor, they weight just about the same (the curved shaft is slightly shorter so slightly lighter) – so the only difference is the length of that shaft. Taller people tend to prefer the straight shaft and shorter people the curved shaft – although that’s by no means an absolute.

You could claim the string angle to the ground is closer to parallel and so more natural with a curved shaft – although I’ve never had any problems with my straight shaft model. You could argue that the short shaft is more maneuverable in tight spaces – but most times that’s not really a issue. If you’re working in a small area you’re unlikely to find the really dense undergrowth that professional weed eaters are designed to tackle so a smaller, lightweight electric weed wacker will probably be your choice.

The right power and accessories for the jobs you’ll be doing are the more important factors. If your chosen weed eater has straight and curved shaft options, that’s a bonus.

Electric Tankless Water Heaters Guide

Electric Tankless Water Heaters Guide

Electric Tankless Water Heater Systems are usually smaller compared to gas fired ones, and are usually installed at the point of use as augmentation to conventional boilers or as the only source of hot water.

The image below describes a typical electric tankless water heater system. As can be seen, water is heated as they flow thru piping sounded by electric heating element. There are no special ventilation requirements.

Electrical requirements change according to the heater’s size. Electrical wiring and circuit breaker should fit the heater’s Amperage requirements, and may require replacement. You should consult a qualified licensed electrician.

There are several reasons for preferring an electric tankless hot water heater system over gas fired one:

  • System size – electric tankless hot water heaters are smaller than gas fired ones.
  • Ventilation – tankless electric water heater require no ventilation and can be installed indoors, inside a cabinet etc.
  • Gas piping – not all homes are equipped with gas, however all homes are connected to the power grid. Electric tankless water heater is suited for both.
  • Operating Costs – depending where you live, tankless electric water heaters may be cheaper to operate due to gas vs. electricity pricing differences.
  • Environmentalism – while burning gas produces green-house gases, electricity may come from a clean source, making tankless electric hot water heater the preferred choice.

Although most electric tankless hot water heaters may be too small to be installed as a whole house system, they may be connected in parallel to form a bigger unit, as can be seen below.

Despite the fact that all electric tankless water heaters are based on the same core concept of heating water as they flow through an electric heating element, there is a huge variation in technologies available, ranging from rudimentary on/off models, to heaters that offer automatic thermostatic control regardless of flow rates and the incoming water temperature.
Accordingly, there are big differences in performance too.

There are four types of tankless water heater electric systems you may come across, and it’s worth getting to know the right terminology.

Single Point
The most basic type and often the cheapest one, the term “single point” or “single point application” refers to a small tankless electric water heater which is connected to one fixture only. Usually these heaters have only on/off capability.

Here are some examples of Single Point Electric Tankless Water Heaters:
Eemax Single Point Electric Tankless Water Heaters
Stiebel Eltron Single Point Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Thermostatic tankless electric water heaters factor in the incoming water temperature and heat only as needed in order to reach the desired outgoing water temperature.

They are suited to handle both cold and warm input feeds, and therefore typically serve as boosters for temperature loss from long pipe runs or as augmentation/backup for solar water heating systems.

They are also good for applications where precise temperature control is essential such as schools, hospitals and laboratories.

Most thermostatic units are capable of:

  • Maintaining +/-0.5°F accuracy.
  • Achieving full, pre-selected outlet temperature within 10 seconds after activation.
  • Maintaining consistent temperature.

Here are some examples of Thermostatic Electric Tankless Hot Water Heaters:
Eemax Thermostatic Electric Tankless Water Heaters
Stiebel Eltron DHC-E 8 Electric Tankless Water Heater
Stiebel Eltron DHC-E 10 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Flow Controlled
The “Flow Controlled” range of electric water heaters are ideally suited to serve two points like two sinks, or a sink and a shower in close proximity, and are recommended only for cold water feeds.

The “Flow Controlled” feature basically means that once the heater reached its full heating capability, any increase in demand (e.g. another faucet is opened) will trigger the heater to restrict its flow rate so the output temperature does not drop below the desired setting.

This means that instead of providing colder water the system provides less hot water but maintains that water’s temperature.

Here are some examples of Flow Controlled Electric Tankless Water Heaters:
Eemax flow controlled Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Type Two
“Type Two” (nowadays, Type Three is being introduced) simply refers to the bigger, newer more sophisticated units, ideally suited for residential showers, entire bathrooms, smaller houses, condos, summer cabins and apartments.

They are most likely thermostatically controlled, and often have also a flow control restricting feature as well.

They will also accommodate industrial boosters, higher flow rate applications such as wash down stations and higher flow rate accurate temperature control applications such as photo labs.

Here is an example of Eemax Series Two Tankless Water Heater Electric:
Eemax Series Two Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Buying an Ergonomic Office Chair

Buying an Ergonomic Office Chair

How many times have you heard that you need to sit straight and keep your head up? This piece of common wisdom is not to be disregarded. The only way for you to remain in a perfect sitting position is to keep your feet flat on the floor, your back straight and your head up. No slouching! Easier said than done, I can almost hear you say, especially if you’re grinding 9-5. Fortunately, there is a way to keep the proper posture for longer periods of time. If you take regular breaks to stretch and choose a quality office chair, your posture will improve dramatically.

A good chair often comes at a hefty price, but there are inexpensive gems to be found. What you need to be looking for is that all of the critical components of the chair be fully adjustable i.e. the seat can be raised or lowered, the tilt also and you should be able to slide it back and forward.

Another thing to consider is the armrests.  If your chair has them, they should be fully customizable; you should be able to move them out of the way, lower or raise them.  The critical part of the chair, and one that you should pay attention to the most, is the back of the chair. It has to be adjustable in order to suit your figure perfectly. It should be tilted forward at the bottom to provide the necessary lumbar support.

One more thing to consider is the length of your legs. You should adjust the seat so that your feet are flat on the floor. If your workstation is too high, I suggest getting a decent footrest. There should also be a couple of inches worth of space between your calves and the edge of the seat.

Finally, it is hard to remember to take a break every hour or so. What you can do is install a timer on your desktop or use a cool little application called stretch break. It will work wonders for your productivity.

What To Consider When You Want To Buy a Ceiling Fan

What To Consider When You Want To Buy a Ceiling Fan

Bladeless Ceiling Fan Design Types

Bladeless Ceiling Fan Design Types

When summer arrives, many people wish they had something to shield them from the heat. People are usually grateful for any whiff of breeze that blows their way. In their homes, people use various methods to keep their rooms cool. Some people use air conditioning and others use ceiling fans. If you want your ceiling fan to serve you well, you should buy the best that the market can offer. When you want to buy ceiling fan, you must consider many things to ensure that you get the best.

Buying a ceiling fan involves thinking about the safety of anyone who uses the fan. For this reason, you would hesitate to buy a propeller fan because of its revolving blades. If your ceiling is very high, you should have no fear about the fan. However, if the ceiling is too low, consider using other means of cooling yourself other than a ceiling fan. Alternatively, you can mount a bladeless fan if you have to buy ceiling fan.

A ceiling fan can efficiently keep your room cool but it can cause you to pay high power bills. The electric power that runs a fan can be consumed more than usual especially if you leave the fan on for a long time. Running a fan continuously during summer is a normal thing in many households. Therefore, you should consider buying a fan that is energy efficient. The amount of energy a fan uses is usually written on the label or package that comes with it. If you are not sure about doing a correct comparison between the fans, you should ask the shop attendant to assist you.

You should also buy ceiling fan that will not cause health issues. Some fans not only provide cool air but also blow dust within the room. If you inhale the dust, you could be in danger of contracting respiratory diseases. These diseases are caused by microscopic organisms present in dust. You therefore need to buy a fan that blows as little dust as possible. Experts believe that bladeless fans are the more preferable option to propeller fans.

A ceiling fan should also improve the appearance of your home, particularly the ceiling. Some ceiling fans are designed with the aesthetic appeal of your home in mind. Traditional fans had the appearance of a helicopter propeller on your ceiling. Some fans like the bladeless ones can even be mistaken for other objects. Sometimes, you could pass them without noticing that you have a fan on your ceiling.

The ability of bladeless fans to blend nicely with the background of the ceiling makes it a preferable choice for many homeowners. When you decide to buy ceiling fan, ensure that it is able to serve the whole room. Some fans produce hot and cold spots because their effect cannot reach the whole room.

If you want to ensure that you will get value for your money when you buy ceiling fan, you should consider buying a fan that has a warranty. In that way, you can get a replacement if the ceiling fan breaks down or does not work well.

Cycling – The Best Way to Get Around

Cycling – The Best Way to Get Around

Most urban dwellers like myself have numerous options for how to get around. Many have their own cars, motorcycles, or scooters. And a lot of people take public transportation such as the bus, the subway, or tramlines. All of these are viable modes of transportation, but cycling has a number of special benefits that make it the best form of transportation.

One benefit of cycling is that you can get exercise. Exercising several times a week is essential for good long term health, but most people make excuses and ways to avoid exercising. Many people will buy a gym membership and stop going. Others will play sports but fail to schedule times with the other players. Many people go jogging but take a day off. Then the next day they take another day off. And the next day they take another off.

The problem here is that these people intend to exercise, but they need to incorporate exercise into their routine so it is unavoidable and impossible to resist. Commuting to work by bicycle is the perfect way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Because there are no excuses. If you are tired after work, you still have to ride home. You can’t escape the exercise you have committed to.

Another reason to cycle around town is that it’s affordable. You don’t have to pay for gas, and in this day and age of high oil prices that is a huge benefit. You generally don’t have to pay for parking either. This depends on the city, but in many cities you can just lock up your bike on the strike or a bike rack for free. The key to affordability is to avoid having your bike stolen, so I recommend you invest in a good bike lock.

Another benefit of bike riding is flexibility. If you want to ride along the beach to work, you can. If you want to take a shortcut through a park or narrow lane, you can. You can walk your bicycle on the sidewalk. You can’t do those things with a car, and of course not on public transportation. Sometimes that variety and flexibility of taking whatever route you want can take some of the stress out of your daily commute.

I own a car because I like to take road trips and head up into the mountains. But when getting around the city, my bike is so much more convenient and enjoyable than all of the other transportation methods. So if you don’t have a bike, make sure to get one and start enjoying your commute.

Buying a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Buying a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

buying a bluetooth motorcycle helmet

If you are an experienced biker or even a new biker, you may need to buy a new and protective helmet. Buying a new motorcycle helmet, the helmet selections for you to choose from would be overwhelming. There are many details that are important to look for before buying it. Buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet becomes quite popular recently. It’s related to the usage of technology for this helmet. Moreover, you need to look for the D.O.T certification when buying the helmet. This sticker indicates the safety standard of the product. It must be able to absorb certain impact’s force to the head.


Buying the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet – What to Consider

When Buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you must choose the one that can prevent penetration. It should also have the fastening system that can deal with impacts when crashing. The next detail would be the ability of your helmet to stay on the head. Wearing a comfortable and fit helmet is important, but you need to choose the helmet that can stay on your head in accident event. You can find out about its safety by fastening the chinstrap. Later, you should give the push on the chin. If the helmet still comes off and your chin hurts, keep choosing for different helmets.

Checking for Its Quality

If you shop for Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet, then you should pay attention about the comfort. It can make the difference in the future. Buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is a daunting task. Therefore, you must be attentive before spending any money on particular product. Your friends, family, or others would give recommendation about the choices of comfortable helmets. Each of helmets affects differently to people’s head. There’s a comfortable product for everyone. You need to try different choices of helmet before picking the one to purchase. It requires profound attention before buying particular product that you need.

When Buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, fit is important to pay attention as well. It should stay on your head. It is perhaps a little bit tight when you pull it on. If you feel that the helmet is easily pull on, it won’t fit and can be noisy as it should. The interior part of this helm will compress and settle to mold on your head. Therefore, you must choose a helmet that’s little bit tighter than too loose. Another thing that you should consider when buying motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth is about the distortion. If you find troublesome problems of the face shield, you should look for alternatives.

Hawk H500 Flat Black Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

bluetooth motorcycle helmetAre you someone who likes to take a long ride on a motorcycle? If you are, then you must have heard about Bluetooth-integrated helmets. This new kind of motorcycle helmets is combining wireless technologies sported by smart phones and tablets with the conventional head protector for motorcycle riders. Even though it sounds not too sophisticated compared with other wearable gadgets such as smart watches, Bluetooth helmets can become a great companion in taking your bike to the highway. There are more than a few products of Bluetooth helmet, but we recommend you the H500 Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet by Hawk.

Main Feature

Why do we recommend you this particular Bluetooth motorcycle helmet? Hawk H500 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet  is a great deal for those who want to have a full mobility and convenience in enjoying the long road to the middle of nowhere to have a heartwarming campfire. Alone or together with others, the wearer of this helmet can utilize the Bluetooth 2.0 technology inside it to do a lot of commands with a simple and easy to use control. If it is disconnected from your mobile device, you can use the Bluetooth intercom with others who also wear a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. With 100 foot of range availability, you and other riders do not have to ride side by side.

Even when you are riding alone, you will not be bored since Hawk H500 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet  is just like a wireless headset. Connect it to your mobile phone and enjoy some accompaniment music or even listen to road directions provided by GPS or maps applications. Not to forget, you can pick up calls on your phone without having to pull over and take your helmet off. The battery would be lasting enough to accommodate 8 hours of total talk time and 110 hours of standby time.


  • DOT standard helmet
  • Hawk helmets are already approved by DOT standard, so their quality and safety is not doubted at all.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog
  • Unless having a hard impact, the material used for Hawk H500’s visor is scratch-resistant. Its mechanism also allows the helmet’s users to see the road clearly without being annoyed by fogging caused by the steam from their breath.
  • Removable and washable inner lining – Say goodbye to the days when you complain about your helmet’s smell. Hawk H500’s inner lining can be taken off and washed properly.

Reviews and conclusion

In case you like to hear what people said about products before you buy them, these are some uttered opinions of those who have purchased Hawk H500 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet . Some happily stated that both of the audio input and output works just well since the tested phone call quality is does not have any significant distortions except from the microphone, which makes the wearer sounds like driving in a tunnel. Meanwhile, some also complained on the brand’s return policy since it only accepts delivered products in unused state. However, the overall of the helmet is just fine, so you should purchase Hawk H500 Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet which is available for $99.95 in Amazon.

O’Neal Fastrack II Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

bluetooth motorcycle helmetWho says digital technology cannot get along with biking? Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is the proof that you can migrate some functions of your mobile devices, be it a smart phone or a tablet, into your head protector. Say goodbye to those times when you put your earphones on beneath your helmet just to listen to some music for a company. With Bluetooth-enabled helmets, you don’t need to buy any headset or Bluetooth earpiece because both of them are already integrated inside the helmets. Since there are many manufacturers that sell Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you might be confused in choosing one. For that reason, we will introduce you to O’Neal Fastrack II Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet , which is already famous because of its manufacturer.

Main Feature

O’Neal Fastrack II is the second Bluetooth helmet series from O’Neal and it comes with the BLINC Bluetooth system which uses A2DP connection. Other than general Bluetooth functions, O’Neal Fastrack II can be utilized as a one-to-one intercom as well. Even though it is not like other Bluetooth helmets that can make a group call with up to 16 users at the same time, O’Neal Fastrac II’s BLINC system has an ability to control all audio streaming during connection with a Bluetooth-enabled device or another helmet. For example, when you pick up a call when an audio file is being played, it will automatically pause and resume at the same point after you close the call.

If both the driver and the passenger use O’Neal Fastrack II, they can talk through the intercom while none of their personal audio stream is synced with one another’s helmet. This way, both can listen to their own music files without interrupting others’. Apart from calls and listening to music, you can also use your GPS application in the audio mode; enabling you to listen to turn-by-turn road directions and perform voice command.


  • Fiberglass shell
  • O’Neal Fastrack II is constructed with fiberglass, which makes it sturdy yet light at the same time to provide security and comfort
  • DOT approval
  • The quality of its security is undoubted
  • Removable fabric interior
  • The paddings inside the helmet can be removed and washed to maintain its cleanliness
  • Tuned Spoilers -The helmet’s spoiler is a bit bigger than any other spoilers in order to reduce certain airflow at the back of the helmet that usually causes excessive noise in the interior

Reviews and Conclusion

O’Neal is a famous helmet manufacturer, but if you are not familiar with it, you might wonder why people choose to use O’Neal helmets; particularly Fastrack II. The main satisfaction of customers is addressed to the convenience of BLINC Bluetooth system. Others also stated that the design is great and the anti-fog visor really works like what is said in the promotion. However, there are also complaints about its spoiler that does not give the quietness that is promised. Because of that, there is also a complaint on its poor audio volume. However, the overall is still good; and if you are interested to try it by yourself, O’Neal Fastrack II Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is available in Amazon for $ 163.05.

Hawk H510 Black Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

bluetooth motorcycle helmetTechnology never ceases to improve, and in these modern days, technologies that are used to only exist in mobile devices and personal computers also reach out to other everyday utilities. There are already smart house appliances, smart cars, and smart watches. Combining digital technology with things that people use or wear every day is not impossible and it obviously brings a lot of change into how people live and do their activities. Bluetooth motorcycle helmet might not be something that is not completely new, but it is still uncommon for many people.

Physically, there is nothing different from Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, but it is equipped with a Bluetooth unit; enabling you to connect with other devices with the same capability. Hawk H510 Black helmet is one of the most famous Bluetooth-enabled helmets in the market, and we are going to introduce it to you.

Main Feature

Hawk H510 Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet is equipped with the standard Bluetooth 2.0 with an intercom capability to communicate between drivers with the same ability. Users can utilize the intercom up to 100 feet, which is a huge benefit for those who like to drive in groups. If the intercom communication is not far enough, the Bluetooth unit in Hawk H510 can transform it into a hands free headset for your mobile device. Any actions, including picking up calls and controlling the Bluetooth connection, only need one button on the left side of the helmet’s chin strap.

The Bluetooth unit in Hawk H510 is powerful enough to have an 8-hour long call and it can stay alive until 110 hours in standby mode. As an addition to the phone call connecting ability, you can stream any sound from your mobile device into the high-quality speakers inside the helmet. Sharing music or voice directions from your phone’s GPS application with your road companies will definitely give an experience that you have never had before.


  • DOT certified
  • Hawk H510 helmet products are already tested and approved for its quality
  • Multi Density EPS construction
  • Apart from its powerful thermoplastic material, Hawk H510 is also shock-resistant in order to protect your head from concussion if there is an accident
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog visor
  • Your vision through the visor will always be clear from little scratches or steam caused by your breath
  • Removable lining -The comfort paddings can be removed and washed so that your helmet is always clean and does not stink

Reviews and Conclusion

You are intrigued by the features that Hawk H510 Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet has, but maybe you would like to hear what people say about this convenient product on the internet. Many customers expressed how much they are satisfied with this helmet. The most common compliments are about the quality of the Bluetooth connection and audio from the speaker. While some found that the manual book is not very complete and the interior is a bit tight for their size, Hawk H510’s overall performance is deemed superb. Grab it now in Amazon for $99.95!

IV2 Model 953 Helmet + SENA SMH5 Bluetooth Unit

bluetooth motorcycle helmetThese days, we are in a world full of wireless digital technologies. These technologies are not just bound to be implemented in mobile communication devices or personal computers anymore, but in many other things such as home appliances and wearable utilities as well. For those who live to ride and ride to live, Bluetooth technology is now available on motorcycle helmets. This combination of daily head protector and wireless data transfer creates a great breakthrough in riding experience. If choosing one is confusing for you, we would like to introduce IV2 Model 953, a high-quality casual & sport helmet that comes with SENA SMH5 Bluetooth device.

Main Feature

As a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, IV2 Model 953 comes with leading qualities that cannot be found in the same products from other manufacturers, both in its safety and convenience. While many others still implement Bluetooth 2.0 in their helmets, IV2 uses Bluetooth 3.0 that is faster and can be used from a further distance. SENA SMH5 unit enables the wearer to communicate with other Bluetooth motorcycle helmet from up to 400 meters away and can make a simultaneous intercom call for up to 4 users. This feature is a big advantage if you and your friends or family often hit the road for a trip.

Obviously, the SENA SMH5 unit can also pair with Bluetooth-enabled devices other than helmets. Just connect it with any smart phones or tablets and you will be able to answer or make calls, listen to some tunes, and get dictated road directions from GPS. Since you can pair up to 4 other helmets, you can share whatever you listen to inside your helmet. Not only on the road, IV2 Model 953 also fit for those riding on snowmobiles. A separate anti-fog visor is available to be purchased. This visor enables you to see everything clearly without any of your breathing steam.


  • DOT certified
  • IV2 Model 953’s quality is already tested for it safety
  • One hand flip-up system
  • Detaching the chin strap and converting the helmet into open-face is made easier
  • Retractable anti-scratch sun visor
  • Driving on sunny days is comfortable for your eyes
  • Washable paddings
  • The inner lining can be removed and washed in a proper method
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • There are 10 points of air vents, which will reduce the heat inside the helmet during hot days

Reviews and Conclusion

The features and specifications that are already mentioned sound great and intriguing. However, you might want to know what others feel after using the helmet. There are not much words about this product, but some mention its comfort; especially from the 10 point air vents and its lightness, while at the same time its thermoplastic sturdiness is ready to give protection at any moment. There are only some complaints about the anti-fog visor that does not work properly and the fact that the product does not come with its hook, thus it is unable to be left on the bike with security. If you feel that this is a right helmet for you, it is available for $99.95 in Amazon.

HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

hjcTaking a long drive on a motorcycle can be an activity that is fun and boring at the same time. First, it can be fun if the road is fairly empty and you enjoy the view; especially if you are passing by natural sceneries that you do not see every day in the city. However, it can be boring if you feel alone or the road is not enjoyable at all when you are driving on busy hour through the downtown. Thanks to technology development, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are not just some science-fiction movies fantasy now, and you can actually get one for yourself. If you are not sure which product will give the best quality, we recommend you to try HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet.

Main Feature

HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet comes with ChatterBox XBI2-H Plus Wireless Intercom which is empowered with A2DP Bluetooth 2.0. This intercom device is at its best advantage if you have some driving companions who wear any Bluetooth headsets with the capability that is not too far from ChatterBox; since it enables you to talk with up to 16 people simultaneously from half a mile away between each other. It also features noise-suppression microphone for a better audio output quality.

Not a fan of going on a trip together? ChatterBox XBI2-H Plus also serves as a wireless hands free headset, which means that you can use it with your mobile devices. When you are in that regular Sunday drive to relieve your job stress, just connect your phone to ChatterBox and shuffle the tracks to accompany you. Looking for an address you are not familiar with or a traffic-free route does not require you to keep an eye on the screen since you can use voice dictated GPS.


  • Flexible chin bar
  • HJC CL-MAXBT II helmets’ chin bar is fully adjustable and can be released easily
  • Advanced Channelling Ventilation System -A front-to-back air ventilations that completely extinguish heat and humidity inside the helmet; especially during sunny days
  • Bioceramic Nylex interior – The helmet’s interior is very comfortable and can be removed for cleaning purpose
  • DOT certification
  • HJC CL-MAXBT II helmets’ safety and quality is approved
  • QuickSlide system – The face shield can be detached quickly and easily without any tools
  • Advanced Injection Molded Lightweight Polycarbonate Shell
  • HJC CL-MAXBT II helmets boast a great durability with a light material

Reviews and Conclusion

In order to complete your consideration about the helmet after reading all of those interesting features, you might want to know how good it is in the eyes of its customers. Many compliments are addressed to the helmet’s structure and ventilation system. Some stated that HJC CL-MAXBT II’s interior is really quiet because of its noise reduction. From outside, the ventilations seem to be insignificant, but the coolness can be felt during the usage. However, there are also some who complained that it is not truly lightweight. If you decide to buy it, HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is available for $149.99 in Amazon.

Countertop Dishwashers – The Right Choice For You

Countertop Dishwashers – The Right Choice For You

Dishwashers are an essential and convenient part of a modern kitchen. They save time and are able achieve a constant standard of germ free cleanliness in contrast to manual washing. Due to their utility and subsequent demand dishwashers are available in a variety of styles and brands. They can be differentiated from each other by their suitability to different lifestyles, portability, technology, and installation requirements, including that of space.

When evaluating dishwashers, you must decide which type of dishwasher is most suitable for your home, space available, and way of life. Several questions must be asked by you. How much dishwashing needs to be carried out on average? Will the need for capacity increase? Is there enough space to place the dishwasher in kitchen? Are you living in a rented house? Is there adequate and conveniently placed water and power outlets? What is the kitchen décor? How much will it cost and is it affordable?

Once you are clear about your requirements, you should do some research online as well as offline to find the basic as well as advanced features available in a modern dishwasher and their price ranges. Here we will provide a comparison of main types of dishwashers available.

Built-in Dishwashers

Built-in under the counter dishwashers provide easy operability and permanence. They are always connected to plumbing so does not require hooking up and does not monopolize faucet attached to kitchen sink when used. Given their location and options they can be made to jell with the rest of the kitchen décor stylistically.

There is a flip side to this however. They require special and expensive installation and may even require remodeling of kitchen in some cases. They take up space since they can range from eighteen to twenty four inches in width. Given the limited space available in a typical kitchen once this kind of dishwasher is installed the user may end up with hardly any free cupboard space below the counter. Additionally because they are not portable they are not suitable for people who rent their homes. They also consume large amount of energy and water.

Free standing dishwashers

Portable free standing dishwashers in contrast do not require special plumbing and installation. They can be hooked to any type of faucet when required using an adapter. They also have the same capacity, proportions, and options, as built-in dishwashers. They also increase the counter space, but they take up floor space. You must decide whether their advantages outweigh the cramping of kitchen space. Given their capacity they too consume large amount of energy and water.

Countertop dishwashers

Countertop dishwashers also called tabletop dishwashers are usually economically cheaper than both built-in and free standing dishwashers.

They do require some counter space close to the sink when used. They are normally so constructed as to fit between the counter and the standard overhead cupboard. This compactness allows for unencumbered usage of your kitchen and avoids any need for remodeling

While their capacity is limited, it is generally more than adequate to serve singles and families up to four, or in the standard measurement used in the dish washer comparisons, they have the capacity to serve four place settings, after a meal.

Countertop dishwashers like the freestanding dishwashers can be hooked up to any faucet using a simple adapter. In contrast to both manual washing and other dishwashers water consumption is comparatively low in a countertop dishwasher, amounting to about 2 gallons of water in an average run. Energy consumption is also low compared to other dishwashers.

Most countertop dishwashers have the usual washing options expected from a modern dishwasher; several wash cycles, ability to increase the temperature of generally unreliable home hot water supply to around 140 to 160 degrees to ensure sanitation, automatic rinsing, efficient rinse aid dispensing mechanisms, ability to program a delayed start so that washing will be done at the optimum times, stainless steel durability, and quietness, among others. They are also available in variety of exterior styles so that consumers can select one suited to their own kitchen décor.

Any downside to countertop dishwashers will depend on your personal requirements and capacity of your home. If you have the required space in your home you may be better off buying a built-in dishwasher with bigger capacity even if it will cost more. This is especially the case if the built-in dishwasher brand has energy saving features so that it can wash smaller amount of dishes with less water and energy.

However given the average size of a modern kitchen and the average needs of a small household, countertop dishwashers deliver great value for money for most people.

How to Use the OBD II Scanner

How to Use the OBD II Scanner

Knowing how to use the OBD II code scanner in your car is vital in ensuring that your car runs smoothly and does not require frequent trips to the auto repair shop. Plus, the opportunity you get to detect car problems gives you the chance to protect yourself. The OBD II scanner in your car is basically a diagnostic tool. The tool gets into your car’s data processing machine in order to give you information regarding the defects that your car may be having.

The best ODB2 scanner identifies defects or errors in your automobile. You need this so that you are made aware of the things that could hamper your driving and the efficiency of your vehicle. When you know what is wrong with your vehicle you will know the next step to take. If you know how to fix the problem, you can do it yourself. If otherwise, you can take your car to the experts to ensure that the problem is fixed right.

On which vehicles can the OBD II scanner work? The scanner is meant for vehicles from 1996 onwards. Vehicles manufactured before 1996 are not compatible with the OBD2 code scanner. As such, car owners have to get the ODB 1 auto scanner to monitor car problems.

How do you use the ODB II code scanner? The first thing you need to remember is to turn your vehicle off. Next, you plug in the OBD scanner to the car’s data processor connection. Generally, most cars have their data processors underneath the dashboard, the area close to the steering wheel. The next step is to turn on the ignition and then push “read” on the device. You then have to wait a few seconds for results to appear on the auto scanner.

There are some OBD II models that will directly show the problem with your. However, there are also OBD II scanners that provide alpha-numeric codes. For this, you need to look up the meaning of the code in a code directory. The code directly could be part of the product manual of your OBD II reader or you can access one online. After that, you will be able to know what the specific issue is in your vehicle. Additionally, there are code scanners that are equipped with their own application software. The software can be downloaded onto your computer so that you can get more detailed information about your car problems.

In conclusion, OBD II code scanners are important devices to use with your beloved vehicle. If you are handy with tools or are adept in doing quick fixes in your vehicle, you can use the information from the scanner to your advantage. If you are not, you can use the information to protect you from unscrupulous mechanics who will rip you off by diagnosing problems that don’t actually exist. In short, you can use the OBD II scanner for your safety and protection. You won’t regret the amount of money you invest in such a device.

A Leader in the Hot Tub and Spa Industry

A Leader in the Hot Tub and Spa Industry

In today’s demanding world, companies and businesses have to keep up with technology, trends and ever-changing consumer preferences and demands. In the spa market, Balboa is a company that constantly keeps itself at pace with the demands of home spa and hot tub users. In fact, Balboa is known for its quality hot tub control systems.

Balboa hot tub features

Balboa owns the patent for the M7 temperature and flow sensor technology as well as the patent for the universal control platform. The latter ensures that Balboa can create hot tub systems with greater flexibility over time while keeping the costs of installation and configuration of the systems low.

With its M7 temperature and flow sensor technology, Balboa ensures that its hot tub systems avoid damage caused by any malfunction of pressure switches. One other feature worth mentioning is the ease with which Balboa hot tubs are installed. Balboa has made installation of its hot tubs simple in such that no additional holes need to be drilled. Furthermore, Balboa hot tubs come with plastic enclosures for protection. To lessen the need for wires, connectors are built onto the circuit boards of Balboa hot tub systems. Each Balboa hot tub system has a convertible power supply as well as supports mini, duplex or standard digital panels.

Balboa hot tub types

Balboa provides a wide range of hot tub systems to suit the needs and preferences of home spa users. For instance, the Balboa Control Systems feature a control circulation pump, single to dual speed pumps, ozonators and lights. Other Balboa hot tub systems feature cords and mini ovals that include spa side controls. Another Balboa hot tub system features an alternative to the Lite Leader.

Advantages of using Balboa hot tub systems

The Balboa Heater and Digital Control Pack is a technology that does away with pressure and vacuum switches. With the Balboa Heater and Digital Control Pack, you don’t need to mess with complicated devices in your hot tub system; you avoid problems in calibrating, wrong pressure rating and pressure switch failures.

This particular hot tub management system monitors the status of your hot tub via liquid crystal displays and LED indicator lights. In short, with this particular Balboa hot tub system you can control the hot tub temperature, filtration cycles, jets, blower and light by pressing keys on a keypad. This way, you only concentrate on one thing when you get in your hot tub — getting that peace of mind and body.