Life, running, fitness, weight loss, recipes and healthy living!

Life, running, fitness, weight loss, recipes and healthy living!

Buying an Ergonomic Office Chair

How many times have you heard that you need to sit straight and keep your head up? This piece of common wisdom is not to be disregarded. The only way for you to remain in a perfect sitting position is to keep your feet flat on the floor, your back straight and your head up. No slouching! Easier said than done, I can almost hear you say, especially if you’re grinding 9-5. Fortunately, there is a way to keep the proper posture for longer periods of time. If you take regular breaks to stretch and choose a quality office chair, your posture will improve dramatically.

A good chair often comes at a hefty price, but there are inexpensive gems to be found. What you need to be looking for is that all of the critical components of the chair be fully adjustable i.e. the seat can be raised or lowered, the tilt also and you should be able to slide it back and forward.

Another thing to consider is the armrests.  If your chair has them, they should be fully customizable; you should be able to move them out of the way, lower or raise them.  The critical part of the chair, and one that you should pay attention to the most, is the back of the chair. It has to be adjustable in order to suit your figure perfectly. It should be tilted forward at the bottom to provide the necessary lumbar support.

One more thing to consider is the length of your legs. You should adjust the seat so that your feet are flat on the floor. If your workstation is too high, I suggest getting a decent footrest. There should also be a couple of inches worth of space between your calves and the edge of the seat.

Finally, it is hard to remember to take a break every hour or so. What you can do is install a timer on your desktop or use a cool little application called stretch break. It will work wonders for your productivity.

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