Life, running, fitness, weight loss, recipes and healthy living!

Life, running, fitness, weight loss, recipes and healthy living!

A Leader in the Hot Tub and Spa Industry

In today’s demanding world, companies and businesses have to keep up with technology, trends and ever-changing consumer preferences and demands. In the spa market, Balboa is a company that constantly keeps itself at pace with the demands of home spa and hot tub users. In fact, Balboa is known for its quality hot tub control systems.

Balboa hot tub features

Balboa owns the patent for the M7 temperature and flow sensor technology as well as the patent for the universal control platform. The latter ensures that Balboa can create hot tub systems with greater flexibility over time while keeping the costs of installation and configuration of the systems low.

With its M7 temperature and flow sensor technology, Balboa ensures that its hot tub systems avoid damage caused by any malfunction of pressure switches. One other feature worth mentioning is the ease with which Balboa hot tubs are installed. Balboa has made installation of its hot tubs simple in such that no additional holes need to be drilled. Furthermore, Balboa hot tubs come with plastic enclosures for protection. To lessen the need for wires, connectors are built onto the circuit boards of Balboa hot tub systems. Each Balboa hot tub system has a convertible power supply as well as supports mini, duplex or standard digital panels.

Balboa hot tub types

Balboa provides a wide range of hot tub systems to suit the needs and preferences of home spa users. For instance, the Balboa Control Systems feature a control circulation pump, single to dual speed pumps, ozonators and lights. Other Balboa hot tub systems feature cords and mini ovals that include spa side controls. Another Balboa hot tub system features an alternative to the Lite Leader.

Advantages of using Balboa hot tub systems

The Balboa Heater and Digital Control Pack is a technology that does away with pressure and vacuum switches. With the Balboa Heater and Digital Control Pack, you don’t need to mess with complicated devices in your hot tub system; you avoid problems in calibrating, wrong pressure rating and pressure switch failures.

This particular hot tub management system monitors the status of your hot tub via liquid crystal displays and LED indicator lights. In short, with this particular Balboa hot tub system you can control the hot tub temperature, filtration cycles, jets, blower and light by pressing keys on a keypad. This way, you only concentrate on one thing when you get in your hot tub — getting that peace of mind and body.

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