Danby DDW1809W Portable Dishwasher

The Danby DDW1809W Portable Dishwasher provides grand washing versatility within a small package. This dishwasher is petite enough to fit under any cabinet, while supplying enough stainless steel interior space to accommodate eight full place settings of dishes. With a built-in water softener, you can be sure that even your most delicate dishes will be treated kindly with by the DDW1809W. Allow your small kitchen to launder the same amount of dishes as one twice its size, by installing this compact model easily into any space conscious area.

Included in its revolutionary size are electronic controls that allow you to start and stop a cycle mid-stream, without interfering with the resulting cleanliness, by simply hitting the start/pause button. In addition, there is a built-in indicator light on the Danby DDW1809W Portable Dishwasher  that will inform you when the cycle is complete. No matter what you put your dishes through during a meal, the Danby dishwasher supplies six washing cycles to help you clean up the mess. Each cycle cleans as effectively as the next, so no matter which one you choose, the result will be beautifully clean, shining dishes. This model comes equipped with a built-in dishwasher detergent and rinsing agent dispenser, so all you have to do is load both compartments, place the dishes inside, and allow the Danby to do all of the work for you. There is no longer a need to shy away from cooking large meals, when you have an appliance that will help you clean up easily and efficiently.

Danby DDW1809W Portable Dishwasher Features

  • Ideal for Apartments, Condos or Smaller Kitchens

  • Fits Directly Under the Counter, Leaving All Counter Space Intact

  • Electronic Controls Come Complete with Start/Pause Button and Cycle Completion Indicator

  • Durably Built Stainless Steel Interior Requires Little Maintenance

  • Built-in Water Softener Treats Each Load Gently

  • Built-in Dishwasher and Rinsing Agent Dispensers

  • Equipped with Six Washing Cycles

  • Accommodates Eight Place Settings

Danby DDW1809W Portable Dishwasher Reviews

One user called her husband “pleasantly surprised” by how easy the Danby DDW1809W Portable Dishwasher  was to install, adding that the real surprise came when she started using the unit. She was amazed that it dispensed the detergent AND rinse agent (she did not expect the amenity of a rinsing agent dispenser to be included with the unit), but was overjoyed to realize it had a built-in water softener, which is very important in her region of the USA. She called her family “blown away” by how clean the dishes were, calling this model “THE BEST DISHWASHER I HAVE EVER HAD!”

Another user, who admits to having a “tiny kitchen”, purchased the Danby DDW1809W Portable Dishwasher knowing she had exactly one under-cabinet space that would accommodate it. Once she used it, she maintained that it effectively cleans and dries dishes, cups and glasses, pots and pan, and silverware without pre-washing. She added that she has yet to remove any item that was not thoroughly cleaned and dried. As with larger versions, the rinse aid dispenser releases the agent effectively and removes any water streaks from glassware. “It was way more than I bargained for, that is for sure” she added.

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