Why should I choose an organic mattress?

“Green” your bedroom with an organic mattress!
Sleeping well is vital to good health. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and an organic bed is an excellent way to ensure that, for at least 8 hours a day,

we are free from exposure to toxic chemicals so prevalent in products consumption today.

What is the difference between an organic mattress and mattress outlet?

Organic mattresses are based on natural components. Conventional mattresses are made primarily of synthetic materials derived from renewable resources like natural gas and petrochemicals. Furthermore, conventional mattresses, fire retardants and other chemicals used in fabric roof and filling. (OMI mattresses are made with naturally flame-resistant organic Eco-Wool, which keeps you safe without the use of chemical fire retardants).

What makes a organic bed?
It all begins with natural organic materials that are grown with sustainable farming methods. This type of agriculture maintains and enhances harmony ecological preserves precious resources, and holds soil in both the short and long term.

What are the natural materials used in the OMI organic mattresses?
They are built with a barbarity Eco-wool, cotton certified organic and 100% natural rubber latex – all renewable, biodegradable resource. These natural materials are grown, processed and manufactured without chemicals toxic.

No organic mattresses come in different firmnesses and have innersprings?
There are two main types of organic mattresses: rubber natural, which is essentially free of metal, and innerspring. Both styles are available with different firmness options.

How is an OMI organic mattress done?
The inner core is made of natural rubber latex or innersprings. The padding is Eco-wool and certified organic cotton battings, quilted between two layers of certified organic cotton fabric (ticking). The filling in our mattresses innerspring is simply certified organic cotton.

What Where the raw materials come from?
OMI is committed philosophically to the organic movement and support American organic farmers. The Eco-wool is sheared from sheep free-grazing of California, and processed under strict controls to minimize any chemical contamination or animal cruelty.

100% cotton is certified organic. It is grown and processed without chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers. Natural rubber latex (milk rubber tree) is 100% natural and produced by the only manufacturer of Talalay latex in the U.S..

Why are these raw materials used in an organic mattress? Wool is warm in winter and cool in summer. It absorbs perspiration, which then evaporates, regulating body temperature of the person to sleep through the night in a more restful sleep. Wool is also resistant, durable, and flame resistant. Cotton is comfortable and durable, and natural selection on a mattress stuffing. certified organic cotton is healthier for the soil, water, ecosystem, agricultural workers, you and his family.

Natural rubber provides a natural sleep environment strong and healthy. It offers comfort and support to a deeper, deeper sleep. A mattress made with natural rubber eliminates 85% of the transfer movement of a restless partner and rarely needs flipping. It is naturally antimicrobial and mite dust resistant – an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

What is the difference between natural rubber latex and latex used in other mattresses? All latex are not equal. natural rubber latex is produced by an environmentally friendly process for a renewable natural resource and is biodegradable. Compare this process with styrene-butadiene (Artificial) of latex products made from non-renewable petrochemical resources. Memory or memory foam is derived from plastics.

Our 100% natural (not blended) Rubber instantly adjusts to individual body contours with a maximum pressure relief more than 33% synthetic latex foam. That means a better night’s sleep.

Our organic mattresses are Talalay latex made – the best available, more consistent, more durable and latex in the world. Our natural rubber latex is 100% natural, not a mixture of natural resources and synthetic latex.

If organic mattresses have flame retardant materials are safe from fire? mattresses IMO have been tested in an independent testing laboratory. They are both federal and California open-flame standards without the use of flame retardant chemicals, presumably health and environmental hazards.

Can a new organic mattress is placed in an old foundation or box spring? A foundation is helping a mattress and the use of an old foundation or box spring under a mattress springs affect the comfort of the mattress and shorten its life. Our natural rubber mattresses are designed to be placed in a plywood base. If you have a slatted platform bed designed for a single mattress, you would not need a foundation for this mattress.

How long will my organic mattress last? Our mattresses are backed by a limited warranty in the industry leader 20.

What sizes do organic mattresses come in? From the cradle to the eastern king or California, our organic mattresses made in all conventional sizes and even custom sizes.

If organic products first bed are also made with materials organic? Yes! Our pillows, mattresses and duvets are made with the same organic materials such as mattresses. Our pillows are supplied in all wool, all cotton, or all natural rubber latex, and covered with a certified organic cotton. Our quilts are handmade wool and hand filled tied, and available in both summer and winter weights. mattress pads are available in certified organic cotton flannel as a protector from moisture wool (perfect for children) and one below the bed style wool.

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