Sunbeam Stand Mixer Review

The powerful and durable Sunbeam stand mixer model number 2349 is a part of the Heritage Series Mixmaster line of mixers designed to take care of a variety of kitchen processes while offering years of consistent results. The Sunbeam name has long been synonymous with performance and carries a large line of products for the entire home.

This review of the Sunbeam stand mixer 2349 will showcase all of its highlights, main features, and advantages so if you are in the market for a new or replacement mixer you can make an informed decision.


Dual motors, unique three way mixing action, and easy to use controls are just some of the most notable features on this particular Sunbeam stand mixer that includes all stainless steel attachments for durability and performance.

The Sunbeam stand mixer also comes with two stainless steel bowls in sizes 2.2 and 4.5 quarts for handling a diverse amount of recipes and foods and the unit’s deep red color and stainless steel accents allow it to blend in seamlessly with many types of kitchen decors.

Heavy Duty Construction

This Sunbeam stand mixer is constructed from heavy duty die-cast metal for extreme durability and stability for years of regular use. The unit also includes non-slip rubber “feet” to keep it from sliding while being used even when mixing the thickest of foods.

Advantage: The sturdy construction of this Sunbeam stand mixer gives you a top of the line appliance to work with and its sleek design also allows for quick and easy clean up.

Powerful, Dual Motor with Three Way Mixing Action

The torque controlled dual motors on this Sunbeam stand mixer work to maintain a constant mixing speed regardless of the load or type of ingredients being used. And with 450 watts of power the appliance outperforms most all other mixers in its class.

One of the mixer’s motors drives the beaters causing each of them to turn in opposing directions and the other motor powers the speed of the bowl which can be increased or decreased while mixing by sliding the selector lever.

The three way mixing action provided by the 2349 Sunbeam stand mixer and its dual motors offers extreme versatility as this unique feature takes most of the work out of using a stand mixer since the bowl is spinning continuously without any effort on your part. And, with the mixer’s soft start up feature you can thoroughly blend dry ingredients to prepare a variety of dishes.

Advantage: Never again worry about the motor burning out in your mixer thanks to the powerful dual motors. Also be confident you will be able to thoroughly mix whatever ingredients you choose with the greatest of ease because of the perfectly synchronized beater speeds and torque controlled motors on this Sunbeam stand mixer.

Stainless Steel Attachments

The stainless steel, v-groove beaters, dough hooks, and wire whisk included with this Heritage series Sunbeam stand mixer are easily released from the appliance with the eject button conveniently located on the top of the handle.

The mixer’s head and beaters are purposely off-center in relationship to the mixer’s bowl to allow for adding ingredients during the mixing process and the tilt-back head also allows for quickly and easily removing the beaters or attachments.

Use the v-groove beaters for creaming sugar and butter together or for making cake batter while the dough hooks should be used for kneading dough and heavier mixtures. The wire whisk can also be used for light cake mixtures or batters as well as for making creams and whisking egg whites.

Advantage: Take care of all your mixing needs from the light to the heavy all with one single, easy to use appliance.

Variable Speed Settings

Choose from 12 variable speeds for doing everything from creaming to folding to mixing with this Heritage Series Sunbeam stand mixer. The control dial located on the mixer’s head makes it easy to switch from one speed to the next. Use the lower speeds for all your light or delicate mixing needs while the higher speeds are perfect for beating, creaming, and whipping ingredients.

Advantage: Spend less time preparing foods while enjoying consistent results time and time again with your Sunbeam stand mixer.

Sunbeam 2379 Mixmaster 300-Watt 12-Speed Stand Mixer with Stainless-Steel Bowl

Technical Specifications:

Color: Red
Construction: Die-cast metal
Dimensions: 16.9″ x 16.1″ x 10.8″
Mixing Bowl Capacity: 2.2 quarts; 4.5 quarts
Mixing Bowl Material: Stainless steel
Model Number: Heritage Series 2349
Power: 450 watts
Variable Speeds: Yes; 12 speeds
Warranty: 2 years, limited
Weight: 23.5 pounds

Other Considerations

  • Also included with the purchase of this Sunbeam stand mixer are stainless steel v-groove beaters, a spiral dough hook, pouring shield, stainless steel wire whisk, a flat beater, user’s guide complete with recipes, and a two year limited warranty.
  • The Sunbeam 2349 in the Mixmaster Heritage Series is a heavy and somewhat large appliance making it imperative to have ample counter space to accommodate the stand mixer.

Where to Buy

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  • When buying a valuable item such as this particular appliance you will want to first make sure you read Sunbeam stand mixer reviews and then use a trusted retailer.


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