Catlike Vacuum Road Bike Helmet Review

The first aspect you will notice about the Vacuum is its unique style. Its distinct design is elegant, with simple lines that make the helmet extremely eye-catching as well as streamlined.

But there is more to this fantastic helmet; it features an impressive range of technologies, which can only be found in the more expensive, professionally designed helmets. One of the most impressive aspects of this helmet is its cooling properties; Catlike has specifically designed this helmet to expel air within a record amount of time. It is one of the
most ventilated helmets offered to riders today, with large central vents ensuring that riders enjoy a comfortable, cool ride, even at low speeds in humid conditions. The only disadvantage our testers found is that insects did seem to collect within these large air vents; therefore, a possible improvement of this Bluetooth helmet could be an attached insect mesh, similar to that found on the Catlike Sakana.

Another fantastic aspect of the Vacuum is the fitting system. The fitting straps features on this helmet are easy to adjust and remain in place whilst riding. While the simple to use buttons and strips at the rear of the helmet, make it easy to adjust the helmet whilst rising.

Available in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large, each helmet size is relatively low in weight. Yet testers commented that while the helmet is light it feels sturdy and solid. Overall, the Catlike Vacuum is a fantastic helmet, it possesses a distinct design, offers a great level of ventilation, while also being extremely comfortable, making it the ideal helmet for every type of riding style.

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