The key features of a TENS machine

There are tens of different models of TENS machines that are selling on the market today. You can buy many of these TENS machines online. Many people however are buying TENS machines without first learning about them and how they function. Before you go and buy yourself the best TENS unit you first need to understand how these device can help you get read off the pain that you suffer from. There are many other things that you need to take into account such as learning about the key features of the device how many electrodes it has, and the number of Leed and’s several other things.

The key features of a TENS device

The display screen

The display screen is an important component of a TENS machine because it gives you access to all the data that you need to keep an eye and to keep track of how the TENS machine is performing. You will want to display screen to be large enough to make it easy for you to read the data point and the information that it offers. This will allow you to adapt and control the pain relief process more effectively.

The buttons and touchpads

the buttons and touchpads on your TENS device should should be easy to press and properly laid out on the front face of the TENS device. They should be designed in a way to prevent any button to be accidentally pressed. If you press a button accident the you and you don’t realize it this may cause a power surge that can cause you further pain. The foolproof design of the buttons and touchpads ensures that the TENS device is high quality.

The battery

many TENS devices these days come equipped with batteries and offer you the option to run then using an AC adapter or a battery. Check the battery compartment and see if it’s easy to access and if the battery changing process is quick and user-friendly.


the control buttons on the TENS device should should be properly labeled and easy to use. This will allow you to understand what the function of its button and what it is used for.

What else is included in the package

some manufacturers give you accessory items along with the TENS device such as a spare battery or gel that you can apply to the area before attaching the electrodes. Some even give you a spare electrodes that you can use.

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