A bike or a tricycle

Bicycles are great to have. Many people find bike riding to be a very enjoyable and healthy activity. With the many different unhealthy practices that we have in our modern life, it is highly recommended that we adopt some healthy ones to counteract the bad effects. Getting into bicycle riding will make exercising a lot more fun than going to the gym. Because you will be riding in the wild breathing fresh air and enjoying the time with family and friends at the same time.

To get started bicycling, you first need to grab yourself one of best beach cruisers if you have not already done so. The question, however, is which bike to choose. There are plenty of designs and models on sale today to choose the best road bike under 500. Each of these models may be suited for a different kind of riding and terrain. For mountain tracks and rough terrain, your best option will be a mountain bike. Road bikes on the other hand are a better option for paved tracks and urban roads. Hybrid bicycles are another alternative for those who want the features of both. Take a look at the top bikes for college students on Amazon.

Not everyone is able to ride a banana seat bike. Elderly people and those with special needs may not be able to get on a bike and ride it. This could be due to their inability to stay balanced on the bike or to even mount it. In such a case, they could consider buying a tricycle instead. They would still enjoy the health benefits that come from bike riding and will overcome the obstacles they have. 3 wheel bikes for adults too are available in different models and designs.

If space is an issue for you, you may consider buying a foldable trike. There are also trikes for couples who want to ride together side by side. Electric tricycles make pedaling optional. So, if you get tired of pedaling, you can let the engine do the grunt work on your behalf and take a break.

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