My Chipotle Addiction and a Few Delicious Recipes!

So last night was one of those nights that included making small healthy choices that will eventually add up. But this time it wasn’t small steps to get started back into running, it was learning to substitute less healthy choices with more healthy choices in every day life, and sometimes in life you have to grab a meal to go from outside the home. Although, I will not lie, Chipotle is a favorite of mine, and a mainstay in my diet (okay I am sort of addicted to Chipotle).

I have always been able to eat semi-healthy at Chipotle, luckily, but during my slip up (you know the time period I put fifteen pounds back on) I was ordering extras I normally would not order. So I was a good girl and ordered a burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, steak, extra fajita veggies, corn salsa, tomato salsa, light cheese and lettuce (oh and then I add on Chipotle Tabasco sauce). Honestly, the only thing that my meal was “high” on was sodium. I could have skipped the cheese, but I didn’t really want to, it also fit into my calorie allowance for the day so I also did not feel the need to. I did skip the tortilla chips (did you know that delicious bag of chips is 570 calories?!?!), I opted for brown rice of white (obviously brown rice is the healthier option) and I also did not order extra steak (because really why would I need extra steak when this is already SO much food!?!?!). So those small changes added up to make it a more healthy meal (I am all about small changes that add up to something bigger)! Those small changes really did add up to a HUGE difference in calories as well.

Obviously I do not want to eat Chipotle every night – well let me change that a little bit…… Obviously it is not healthy or cost efficient to eat at Chipotle every single night, so I have been browsing some blogs today for some fabulous recipes and I have to say, I have found several that I am dying to try. I have never been great in the kitchen, but I am thinking about trying to “learn” to cook, especially with trying to eat more healthy, whole and less processed foods on a normal basis. My wife, she is a fabulous cook, but I still have a lot to learn.

With that said, I want to share a few recipes I am really excited to try:

These are only a select few of some of the amazing recipes I have recently discovered (maybe I will post more in the future)!  They are all healthy and all sound delicious!

Who knows, maybe one day I will be whipping up dishes in the kitchen and posting them for all of my readers on a regular basis (don’t hold your breath, but you never know)! But for now I am going to continue to search out some of the most healthy and delicious recipes I can find!

Feel free to leave your favorite healthy and delicious recipe links in my comments if you have one to share!

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2 thoughts on “My Chipotle Addiction and a Few Delicious Recipes!

  1. Mmm, Chipotle! I always get burrito bowl and try to make it as healthy as possible so I feel less guilty about it. I think you’re right that the sodium is really the worst part! I’ve been thinking I could really just make my own burrito bowl at home, but I’m too lazy so far to try that :).

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