Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone: My First VLOG

I have caved under peer pressure from other bloggers to finally give vlogging a try(video blogging)! So this is my first attempt at video blogging, it is mostly me rambling about starting to run again, not quite as fancy as so many other video blogs out there, but it is a start and quite honestly it is a huge step out of my comfort zone!

Okay, so as I said in the vlog, I was able to run a mile today for the first time in a while. It is a great start, although I am really hoping to increase both the distance and speed as soon as I safely can. It is so hard when your mind and body do not agree on how far and how fast you can run! I WILL achieve my goals again!

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26 thoughts on “Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone: My First VLOG

  1. I am very impressed!! With both your run and the vlog :) trying to get back into the swing of things too…you are truly an inspiration to md and many others

    Have a great day
    Mary :)

  2. LOVE THE VLOG!!! You are all kinds of AWESOME girl — keep on!! You are such an inspiration to so many people, I definitely want to encourage you to keep vlogging. Don’t stop writing — but totally incorporate your vlogs more often because you’re a natural:)

    • Thanks!! I felt awkward but I am sure it will become a bit less awkward feeling as time goes on. Yes, I definitely plan to continue to writing, but I think I will incorporate some vlogs in every so often also. :) Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Great job with the first vlog! I like that you did a before and after the run. I’ve come back from injury before and I totally relate. It does feel like starting over, but you’ll get back to a comfortable point before you know it. One month from now, you’ll be feeling great!

    • Thank you!!! It really does feel like starting over, I can’t wait until running helps me clear my head again instead of being a struggle! In time!! :)

  4. Awesome video and YES keep doing video (then teach me how to edit ha ha)! Great tips too for doing your personal best, very inspiring.

    Way to go on the run. I can’t even run more than 2 minutes so…lol I did however WALK a half marathon in Jamaica in 2010 so that was pretty exciting.

    • Thanks!! I did very little editing, honestly. I used I think Windows Movie Maker? I think that is what it is called, I cut out about three seconds from the start of the video with it and just moved around the three clips into order. It is a very simple program. I am going to play around with adding my website URL briefly to the bottom eventually and so on in time!

      Walking a half marathon is incredible!!! And being in Jamaica is even extra incredible! Congratulations on that achievement!!

      • Thanks Dawn!

        I guess I’ll get back to Windows Movie Maker and just figure it out ha ha.I have played around with it before so I’m sure if I took the time I will be able to do it.

  5. Rock star video! Looks like we have the same peers… congrats on starting up your running again. I think it will be a happy adventure back into running. Baby steps, start slow, recover well and build from there. It’s okay if you felt winded, if need be, slow down a bit until you build a strong base, focus on distance and time spent on your feet.

    Great video! We are VLOG superstars in the making. :) Maybe one day we’ll do a mid-run video together. That’s be cool, right? It could be called DAWNIES-PAVEMENT-LIFE.

    • Thanks, I noticed that you posted a VLOG today also! You are right we are VLOG Superstars in the making, for sure, haha!! And yes you are totally right I *do* need to start slow, I have a tendency to start too quickly and too intensely and end up injured…. So, I need to NOT do that this time around! Thanks for the advice!

  6. Great job of the vlog! I was intimidated at first when I started doing them but you get more comfortable with each one. Plus, it’s more personal, I think. Like you are having a conversation. Congrats on getting back out there! :)

    • Thank you, yes it is intimidating at first! I felt like I was silly talking to my laptop – and then my iPhone – making a video to post for the world to see, almost thinking to myself, why would anyone want to watch this?! But I like to watch other bloggers vlogs, so maybe some will watch mine, it is more like a conversation, you are completely right! And yes, I am back, finally and ready to work hard, and blog hard too! :)

  7. love your 1st vlog! and it doesnt matter how slowly you get back into running…you’re doing it! you’re out there…so take it at whatever pace feels right to you! small steps=progress!

    • Yes! They do! Thank you for your kind words of support! I want to take big steps though!!! I just have to remember these small steps will turn into big ones eventually!

    • I was actually really nervous to vlog, I have been putting it off for quite some time, because in my mind I thought it had to be about something extravagant or super fun or important. But then I realized I was over thinking it all and I needed to just get awkwardness out of the way and then when something really exciting does come up, I will be ready for it, haha!!! And I also look forward to the long runs! Thanks!

  8. You are a total vlog superstar! Great job and great job on getting back into running. I can totally relate to coming back from injury. My brain and body totally disagree on what I should be doing. I feel like I’m making progress with my PT but then my doctor pulls the breaks and doesn’t want me to try to run for another 3 months. Ugh! But we’ll both get back to it. Little steps and slowly build back up so that we recover strong and come back strong, right?!

    • Absolutely! It does take a proper recovery to come back strong and at your best – but it is super frustrating to wait all that time and by the time you are able to get back to it, it almost feels like you are starting over, and while a clean slate can be nice, I miss the way I felt on runs before, when they didn’t exhaust me early on! :) We will both get back into the groove eventually! I wish you the best of luck in your recovery — listen to your Dr!!!

  9. Way to be brave and vlog away!! I think you executed the video well, and I really liked your honest post. One mile at a time is the best way to start, I look forward to hearing about your journey to the long runs.

    • Thank you so much for the feedback! I try to stay as honest and real as possible on my blog, I just don’t see the point in not being that way. I want people to be able to see the real me and what a real life situation is like, and they all vary greatly! Yes, one mile at a time! I think I am going to rest my body today and either do a walk or maybe some strength training. and if my body is feeling okay, a short run again tomorrow! I can’t wait for the long runs!

  10. Great job with the vlog and running a mile! When I started running I started with a mile and I remember not being able to run even that and wondering how I would ever be able to run a 5K without walking. Amazing what a difference putting in a little work each day will do. Good luck restarting your running journey!

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