I Used to be Skinny (Part Seven): Hitting the Reset Button

If this is the first time you have stumbled upon DawniesLife.com and you have not read my previous blog entries about my weight loss journey, you may want to catch up first by reading the previous entries, which can be found here or by clicking “I Used to be Skinny” on the top menu.

It has been about a month since I last updated about my weight loss journey here on DawniesLife, so I thought I would give my readers an update. After a battle with a terrible plateau that had me bouncing back and forth between the same two pounds, I am finally back and losing again! I weighed in today at 160 lbs. The last time I posted I was at 166.2 and that was six weeks ago tomorrow. So I am down 6.2 more pounds! I have lost exactly 52 pounds now and I have another 35 pounds to lose to reach my goal weight of 125 pounds!

So how did I break through my plateau? I went onto maintenance calories for a full week and had a cheat day. I maintained the same weight throughout my entire maintenance week (165.6) and a week after cheat day (which I had on the 1st of July) the weight started to come off again. 3 weeks after my “reset” as I like to call it I have lost 5.6 of the 6.2 pounds I lost in the past six weeks I mentioned above. I really think my body needed a “reset”.

During maintenance mode I had to stay focused on my long term goals and not get discouraged that I had plateaued. So I dug around and found some older pictures of me. The one I am going to post next to my new one is from 2005. I was certainly heavier than the 212 I started this journey at. I would guesstimate that I weighed approximately 235+ in the picture. I can’t believe how terrible I looked, so unhappy and I looked older at 20 than I do now at 26, at least in my opinion.

I can’t believe that was me. I never want to gain this weight back again. This picture is a reminder of why I need to continue to make healthy lifestyle choices and stay on track and achieve my weight loss and fitness goals. Looking at the old picture of me makes me want to cry. I can’t believe how quickly and how far I had let myself go.

Looking through old pictures, of before and after I began this journey really put things into perspective and help keep me motivated. To see the progress that has been made is incredible. I am not posting official bra and undies progress pictures today. Those will most likely be in the next blog entry. But I will post a picture of full body shots of my current weight. I was excited because these capris in the picture below are a size 10. I started this journey at a size 20 (although the picture of me above from 2005, I was wearing between a 22-24 then). So it was exciting. I was shocked that they fit me. But ecstatic.

I have 35 more pounds until I hit my goal and 19 pounds to go until I cross over into a “healthy weight” according to the BMI chart. I can do this!

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